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About Probloggingtips365

Probloggingtips365 is an answer to many requests I have been receiving from friends on social media and through e-mail to help them with how to start a blog and make money from it.

 I have been reluctant but now the idea just came for me to make it global because there a lot of people around the world who need those same information.

Therefore, I decide of creating a blog where I can be teaching people about blogging and all it involves through blog posts.

So probloggingtits365 is a blog that is about blogging, SEO, WordPress and others related ways of making money via internet.

Who really is behind Probloggingtips365?

My name is Kossi Adjogble, holder of a bachelor degree in sociology since 2012. I am the founder of probloggingtips365.

After leaving school in 2012, I looked for job but could not land any good one that could help me financially.

The life after school has not been easy for me because there was no help from anywhere. I found myself in a desert of life where everything seemed to be against me.

I started doing some random works and sometimes I labored on construction sites just to make the ends meet.

That is how is started life until I learned one day that one can make money online doing some random works.

From there, I started my research and I found out it was true.

I started my online adventure with online paid surveys with which I earned few bucks every month.

Later on, I started freelancing and my monthly earnings began to increase. But I was not satisfied with what I was earning.

I continued the researches and discovered blogging which later made a big turnaround in my financial life.

In 2015, I started my first blog queensdailybeauty.blogspot.com with which I earned some money with Google adsense and the products I was promoting. Two years later, I added roland-infoproductbiz.com to my blogging portfolio.

But a year later, I abandoned the two blogs due to some problems I encountered that I cannot state here to cut a long story short.

Services I can render

During those my struggling moments, I learned some skills that serve me till today and I am still offering them as service to whoever needs them.

1  –        Graphic design

2  –        WordPress website/blog design

3  –         Content Writing

4  –         Translation: I can translate English to French and vice versa flawlessly  


Thanks and talk soon,

Kossi Adjogble

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